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Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors are independent contractors that have reached the highest level of accreditation from Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Division. They have successfully completed factory training in the areas of applications, sales and service for the Mr. Slim product. These independent dealers have invested their time to obtain personalized, hands-on training (including practice on Mr. Slim equipment) at our Atlanta Training Center (ATC) or one of our Mitsubishi-approved Training Centers (MATC) in order to provide you with the most professional quality installation and maintenance for your Mr. Slim HVAC product. A Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer offers you the most reliable environmental comfort available with Mitsubishi Mr. Slim heating and air-conditioning products.

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Rio Vista Air is a family owned and operated heating and air conditioning company serving Solano County for the past 19 years.

For the last four years Rio Vista Air has been focusing on replacing old fashioned, inefficient ducted central heating and cooling systems with ultra high efficiency, fully zoned, ductless heating and cooling systems by Mitsubishi. Rio Vista Air’s owner Dan, first became aware of Mitsubishi’s innovative ductless technology as a young HVAC service tech fresh out of school. “As a new technician I was blessed to get my first job with a company that specialized in critical environment HVAC, air conditioning for computer rooms, telecommunication centers, and internet backbone companies. I worked on the world’s most expensive and sophisticated systems. Along with these large capacity units I also serviced ductless systems by Mitsubishi. Our customers would utilize these systems for small rooms where their phone equipment or administration servers would be housed. It didn’t take me very long to realize that I spent all my time servicing and repairing the large specialized A/C’s while the only thing I ever did with the Mitsubishi units was to clean the filters. It seemed that they never broke down, even though most of these units were meant for residential applications and not 24/7 commercial work. I was quite impressed.”

Mitsubishi has been providing ductless heating and cooling systems to the U.S. market for 30 years. Because of factors in the economy over the last five years including the rising cost of energy, and changes in the building code, these factors have made Mitsubishi ductless technology a much more attractive alternative to the ducted central heat and air systems we’ve had to put up with all these years.

Most people here in the U.S. have never seen or even heard of ductless technology before. In Europe, Asia, and Latin America, ductless air conditioning and heating systems represent 75%-85% of the entire residential HVAC market. In the United States that market is only 3%. But that number has tripled in the last five years.

Rio Vista Air, and programs like This Old House and Extreme Makeover Home Edition, are striving to get the word out about these wonderful, ultra high efficiency, rock solid reliable, and whisper quiet ductless systems by Mitsubishi. Now you know too.

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