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“Save 80% on your heating and cooling bills?

How can that be?”


That is a huge claim, so let’s see how that can be. Since the savings will be different from heating to cooling we’ll cover them separately. Cooling: The Federal Department of Energy (DOE) requires that all air conditioners sold in this country be tested and rated for efficiency using strict standards and procedures to which all manufacturers must comply. The result is an “ENERGYGUIDE” sticker on all new equipment. The scale used is the SEER system: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, the higher the number, the lower your PG&E bill. The minimum efficiency rating for new equipment is 13 SEER. The scale on the DOE’s ENERGYGUIDE sticker goes to 21.0 SEER, the top rating for most ducted equipment installed today. Mitsubishi, however, has several units that exceed the top of the scale as high as 26 SEER.

In fact Mitsubishi has units that hit 26 SEER, and these units operate on approximately half the electricity of most brand new (but old fashioned) ducted systems that would be installed today. If your air conditioner is more than five years old, it was probably rated at about 10 SEER. And that was when it was new. It may now be operating at an 8 SEER level or less. If your duct system is leaking or poorly insulated it’s likely much less.


But here is the big difference. Mitsubishi ductless systems are fully zoned.

  • For example:
    If you have a three bedroom two bath home with a kitchen, living room and family room, how many of those rooms would you cool if you’re watching TV in the family room? With a typical central ducted A/C system the answer is all of them. Even if that system was a brand new (but old fashioned) ducted system you would be cooling every room in the house. That means all 30,000 (or 36,000 or 42,000) btu’s go roaring into action spinning your electric meter like a top to cool the whole house.
    With a Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning and heating system you only cool the rooms you occupy. And since each Mitsubishi system is not only variable speed but variable capacity it delivers the actual cooling capacity that is required to maintain your comfort. For your family room that might be only 8,000 btu’s.
    So now you have a system that only needs to operate at one third the capacity using less than half the electricity. Do the math and you will see that those claims are not so outrageous after all.

  • Heating:
    Because most homes in our region are heated with natural gas furnaces, we can’t use the same terms like “efficiency and SEER rating” as a comparison method.
    Right off the bat let me say that heating your home with a 90% efficiency or higher natural gas furnace is still a great way to go. If it wasn’t connected to a duct system I would recommend sticking with gas.
    The Mitsubishi system uses electricity and the principle of a reversible refrigerant cycle to heat. That may sound a little complicated, and it is, but it works great and produces supply air temperatures comparable to your gas furnace, (about 120〫F). Because the two types use different fuels the term efficiency doesn’t apply. So we will use the term “cost effectiveness” which relates to the dollars you spend rather than the amount of fuel you use.
    Your cost effectiveness will vary depending on the actual cost you pay for your gas and electricity and the tier level you typically reach on your electric bill each month. The outside temperature plays a role too. Typically though, when we replace an 80% gas furnace on a ducted system (very common in Northern California) with a Mitsubishi ductless system, most customers see a reduction in their heating costs of 20% to 40%, milder days above 40〫see the higher end of the savings range.
    Taking into consideration the overall usage of gas and electricity in the home , most customers tell us their PG&E bill has dropped by half, some a little more, some a little less. So, is lowering your PG&E bill by half good enough?
    But wait…
    If we make your furnace obsolete, is there something else you would like to do with the space it used to occupy? Ladies, need an extra closet?
    Call Rio Vista Air today and see how much you could save every month with a Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling system. The faster you install a Mitsubishi ductless system, the faster you start saving money!
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