Why Ductless?


  • Really? Have you taken a close look at them lately? If your home is less than five years old, or if your duct system was replaced in the last five years, then maybe your ducts are only half bad. Older than that, all bets are off. Let’s talk about why.

  • Leakage: All duct systems leak.
  • Some leak a little, 3% to 6%. Not old ducts, they leak a lot. If your ducts where installed eight years ago or longer, then you should probably call Rio Vista Air because your ducts could easily be leaking 25 to 45 percent. We measure duct leakage and can tell you this is very typical. The lowest we’ve measured on an older home is 15%, the highest 56%. Duct leakage on the supply side (the air being pumping into your home) means you’re heating and cooling your attic or your crawl space or both. Duct leakage on the return side (the air being drawn into your A/C and heating unit) means the air is now being drawn in from your attic or crawl space. Which means you’re drawing in dirt, fiberglass insulation, and many other things critters may leave. Unconditioned, unfiltered air causes your system to run less efficiently and pollutes your equipment and the air in your home.

  • Thermal Losses:
  • The insulation on your ducts (if it hasn’t fallen off yet) is only 1” to 3” thick. That is just not enough insulation for a duct system that is in your attic exposed to 33〫(winter) and 140〫(summer) temperatures. We get calls every winter from people who say “When my furnace comes on I get a blast of cold air and then after a few minutes it starts to warm up. What’s wrong with my furnace?”. It’s not the furnace, it’s the ducts. Ducts exposed to extreme cold and extreme heat with little or no insulation on them have thermal losses. Those thermal losses cost you every month because of wasted energy.

  • Static Pressure Losses:
  • All duct systems require static pressure.
    In simple terms this is the energy required to move the air through the ducts. A well designed, well constructed duct system has relatively low static pressure. A poorly designed, improperly sized, poorly constructed duct system (this is most duct systems I see) has excessively high static pressure. These common duct systems can consume up to 1/3 of your furnace and air conditioners efficiency and capacity, wasting precious gas and electricity and your energy dollars.

  • Why waste that energy and money?
  • Call Rio Vista Air today and find out how much you can save on your energy bill every month with a Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling system.

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